Frozen Lemon Margarita using Papa Mix’s ready Granita Mix!

?????? ????? ????????? using Papa Mix's Lemon Granita Mix! The perfect cocktail for this summer Credits: @christosengrafou Instructions: In your blender *Add 40-50gr lemon granita mix *50ml Tequilla *60ml water *1 glass of ice *1 tsp lime juice *Shake well TIP: add some salt around your glass and a slice of lime or lemon Enjoy! For info & orders call at +357 25584474 or contact us through our social media accounts @papamixcy or email us at [email protected]


Healthiest Drinking Chocolate with 0% Sugar & Coconut Milk

Drinking Chocolate Mix with 0% added sugar or other substitutes & Coconut Milk Credits: Christos Engrafou Suitable for everyone; for fasting, lactose intolerant people, diabetics and people who look after themselves and their nutrition. Instructions: Add 2-3 tsp of our Hot Chocolate Mix in 1 cup of hot water or your preferred type of milk. You can also make Cold Drinks drink using the same mix!