The Round Vintage Box

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A gift box with two gift jars!

  • Choose two ready mixes of your choise

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Large Jar

Waffle/Pancake, Crepe Mix, Fluffy Pancake, Oat Pancakes, Protein Pancakes, Cookie Mix, Chocolate Cookie Mix, Donut Mix, Vegan Chocolate Pie, Brownie Mix

Medium Jar

Drinking Chocolate, Drinking Chocolate 0% added sugar, Vanilla Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Oreo Milkshake, Fererro Milkshake, Mocha Chips Milkshake, Iced Coffee Golden, Iced Coffee Toffee, Iced Coffee Mocha, Strawberry Granita, Lemon Granita, Mango Granita, Blueberry Granita

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